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How do we get a tailored and branded version of 1Form?

Rest assured it's very easy! 1Form is a service where we build you your very own tailored and branded version and provide you with links (or apply now buttons) on the rental property listings on your website. This way you can direct tenants to your own website where they can apply online using this specifically tailored and branded version of the 1Form system. You can then access all of the great additional features available within the 1Form Application Management System!

To create your very own branded platform please complete the submit form below!

How much does it cost to customise 1Form?

1Form is unique to each office and requires different set up and customisation. Although some think there should be a cost to customise 1Form, the service and customisation is completely free!
To get 1Form set up now simply complete the submit form below! Please ensure you provide us with your full name, agency, email address, number of offices requiring customization and a contact number and we will contact you as soon as possible!
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Can't find a tenancy application?

All you need to do now is check your 'Application Management System' where we store and manage all of your applications! Login to 1Form here!

Try logging in to your Online Application Management System! We send notifications to your email address informing you that an application has been received in your 'Application Management System'! Simply log in and see all of the great additional features that are available!

Still can't find the application?

If you haven't been able to located the missing application, just ask the applicant to confirm what email they sent it to and if they selected 'Submit my Application'! Sometimes tenants spell your email address incorrectly and that's the reason you aren't receiving it or they forgot to select the submit button!

If everything has been checked and you still can't find it send us a request via the submit form below, it allows us to get the information we need, look into it and respond to you quickly and easily! Please ensure you provide us with the tenants email address, property address they applied for and their full name so we can resolve the issue as quickly as possible!

At 1Form, we put our customers/users at the centre of everything we do. We also accept that sometimes we can get things wrong, and when this happens we’re determined to make them right again.

Our team is ready to listen and help you with any problem or complaint you might need resolved. Your feedback also allows us to keep striving to serve you better. It’s all about you! So if you have a complaint or other feedback, please talk to us.
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Making a suggestion or complaint

When you make a suggestion or complaint to us we will:

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  • do everything we can to fix the problem
  • keep you informed of our progress
  • keep a record of your complaint
  • give you our name, and contact details so that you can follow up if you want to.

We recommend that you let us know how you would like the complaint to be resolved.

To make a complaint:

Complete the below form outlining your issue and tell us more about how we can help resolve the problem.
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Making a suggestion

Your feedback helps us to maintain a high standard of service and provide products and services that satisfy your needs. If you have a suggestion about how we can improve our products and services please let us know.
You can make a suggestion by using our online form below. You can also view our FAQ's and Forum for questions that might have already been answered! To view the forum simple Click here for the 1Form Forum!


The provided times didnt suit you?
No problem, let us know what times suit you for a custom online demonstration and we will do our best to set aside a personal time just for you!
Please make sure you take into account time zone differences as our account managers are located in Melbourne (AEST).

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