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Send us an enquiry and we will endevour to help you the best we can. To ensure we understand your enquiry and can direct it to the appropriate areas please try to enter as much information about your enquiry as possible!

Check these off before you complete the submit form! 9/10 times they solve the situation right then and there!

Double check it's the correct email address!

If an application goes missing chances are it is because the email address that it was sent to was incorrect. Perhaps ask the Property Manager to confirm what email you need to send your application to and double check it matches the application you sent! Sometimes an email address is spelt incorrectly and that's the reason Property Managers aren't receiving it!

Perhaps our emails are in the Property Managers junk mail folder.

Sometimes our emails are accidentally placed into a junk mail folder, (its ok we're not offended), perhaps ask the Property Manager to just double check your application wasn't misplaced into the junk folder! They just need to click on the 'junk'/'spam' folder in their mailbox and quickly double check!

Perhaps their mailbox is full

To test this, try sending an email with an attachment to the Property Manager directly. This just checks their inbox isn't full and our emails aren't being rejected because of a full mailbox. If they receive the email you sent then it must be something else, if they didn't receive it perhaps they need to try deleting or archiving some older emails, or even contact their email provider for assistance!

! If all of the above has been checked and you just don't know where it's gone perhaps ask the Property Manager to login to their 'Application Management System' where all of the applications are instantly available!

They didn’t accept your application? Did you ask them why? 1Form applications are the most prudent and industry compliant applications in the market place. Further to this our applications are completely customisable for any agency. In fact, if the agent in question asked you to fill out one of their own forms, I guarantee you that our form would have covered all of their questions and more. Let us know if a property manager didn’t accept your application and we’ll contact them to find out why!

Send us the agents details and office and well try to find out why they aren't accepting online applications!

We collect and use your personal information so that our support staff can respond and provide you information in relation to your enquiry. Our Privacy Policy further explains how we collect, use and disclose personal information and how to access, correct or complain about the handling of personal information.