Secure your dream rental, once and for all.

Apply faster and more securely than ever.

1Form streamlines the rental application process for tenants throughout their journey of securing a rental property.

Our goal is to maximise efficiency and reliability for tenancy applicants, and increase the chances of securing a property sooner. We achieve this by condensing the time-consuming rental applications of the past into just one simple form. 1Form also provides the ability to manage tenancy applications at a glance in a secure online account; delete and revise applications, or even print a copy to take it to an inspection.

The newest 1Form solution is a world-first self-customisable form, allowing applicants to apply for multiple properties with the ease and speed of just one application.

1Form also supports tenants through the transitional period into a new home by connecting utilities and sending maintenance requests to your property manager, long after you have settled in.

Applying for a rental home with 1Form is the most secure way to apply, with encryption and server security equivalent to that of major banks.