Frequently Asked Questions

What is 1Form?
1Form is a streamlined tenancy application management system that caters to the needs of rental applicants and property managers alike.
1Form maximizes efficiency through the rental application process for property managers by providing the ability to acquire a complete and comprehensive tenant application with just one inquiry.
Why am I receiving 1Form tenancy applications?
Notifications of tenancy applications from 1Form present legitimate applications for an advertised rental property, therefore a genuine applicant has applied for your advertised rental property with 1Form as their preferred method of application.

1Form is now recognised as an industry standard for online rental applications. 1Form is the preferred application method for Australia and New Zealand on most major online real estate portals including and
How does 1Form work?
1Form simplifies the application process for property managers by removing the time consuming tasks.

A secure application management system is provided to you, with no installation required, and a fully customisable tenancy application form to suit the individual needs of your application requirements to get the best application out of tenants the first time around.
Click here for a thorough overview of our industry changing solution with our animated introduction video.
How do I login to my 1Form Application Management System (AMS)?
Simply login with your email address and password here.
Forgot or don't know your password? Click the link on the login page and follow the prompts. We will verify your account to ensure your security, and email you a link to reset your password.
We require copies of identification and other supporting documentation. How does 1Form cater to this requirement?
1Form applications encourage applicants to scan or upload and attach relevant identification, supporting documentation and privacy and collection statements to their applications the first time, even providing facilities to save the application and return once the outstanding information has been collected. Supporting documentation provided by the applicant is attached to the 1Form application.
We require prospective tenants to physically inspect the property for which they are applying. How can we ensure that they have inspected the property?
1Form applicants are required to electronically sign a declaration and provide verifiable details to prove that they have inspected the property for which they are applying for within the property's application.
If the applicant has not yet inspected the property, they are requested to provide details of when they intend to inspect the property and this will appear clearly on the application.

Inspection codes are available for instances where property inspection is required prior to application.
What is an inspection code?
Inspection codes are an effective method of governance when property inspection is required prior to application.

An inspection code is a unique code provided to a prospective tenant at a property inspection to verify this requirement has been fulfilled. The prospective tenant is provided instructions on how to apply online. When applicable, an applicant is not able to submit an application unless a valid inspection code is provided.
We have our own very specific Terms & Conditions that must be signed by the prospective tenant when they apply for our properties. How does 1Form cater for this?
1Form provides a standard set of Terms & Conditions which are an all-encompassing industry standard. We welcome our agencies to use these.
As 1Form is completely customisable to suit the needs of any property manager or office, contact us to upload your Terms & Conditions to your branded application management systems.
We have an existing relationship with a utility connection company. How can we maintain this relationship?
1Form respects relationships with suppliers and aim to fit seamlessly into existing processes. 1Form supports the use of any reputable utility connection company and can integrate services by adding a supplier's service offering onto the 1Form application, presented to the applicant at the time of applying.

If a utility connection facility has not been allocated, you are provided with an option of companies to use within your application management system. Alternatively, contact us to get one allocated.
Can we add a question to the 1Form application?
Our goal is to create efficiency and simplicity for property managers as well as tenants, contact us and we will be more than happy to create a more effective solution with your feedback.

Please note that 1Form applications are free and 100% customisable to meet individual requirements and fully compliant with legislative requirements in every state and territory.
How much does 1Form cost?
1Form is a free service provided to property managers to create efficiency within the rental application system. 1Form also provides free customisable applications to suit the individual needs of your brand and office and a tailored secure application management system.
What if we want our own tailored and branded version of 1Form?
1Form offers a free and completely customisable application to suit and address the individual needs of your office and branding to maximise the exposure of your brand with consumer behavior in mind. This complete customisation has been developed holistically; beginning with "apply now" links to direct exposure and ends internally with a tailored 1Form application management system.

For more information contact us here.
Do I need special software to start using 1Form?
1Form aims to fit in seamlessly with existing processes. As a wholly online system, no software is required to begin using 1Form immediately. Simply follow the links from your application email notifications, login and view your rental property applications immediately.
How do our prospective tenants access 1Form?
There are a number of ways prospective tenants can send 1Form applications:
  1. If your office has adopted the 1Form system and enjoy branded and customised 1Form application management system, tenancy applicants automatically access 1Form applications through personalised "Apply Now" links on any rental property advertised online.
  2. 1Form applicants can apply for your rental property directly through the website. When an office or property manager's email address is added the application is transferred to your custom branded application. If your office has not yet specified customisation specifics the application process continues on 1Form's all-encompassing and thorough application.
Why am I not receiving email notifications or applications from 1Form?
The most common reason that emails are not received is because of aggressive spam filters on email servers. Check your spam or junk mail folder for your 1Form email notification and select "this is not junk" to add our address to your safe list.
Is an online declaration the same as signing an application form?
Whilst there may be no pen or paper involved, an applicant cannot submit an application without signing an electronic declaration. 1Form is fully compliant as per current State and National Privacy Acts. In fact, we use the same electronic signature process as major banks and airlines.
We have a relationship with a tenant database company, rental rewards program or other third party service provider. How can we maintain these relationships?
1Form application management systems allows an agency to maintain existing relationships as well as host and integrate the cross promotion of additional third party service providers by uploading service offerings and Terms & Conditions.
Are we contracted to 1Form for a specified amount of time?
1Form is a free service with no contracted periods.
Many agents use 1Form as an online application solution alongside their own current paper applications to provide their clients with the most suitable alternatives.
How secure is the 1Form application management system?
The privacy and security of members is a priority for 1Form.
High-security measures are enforced in order to maintain the security and integrity of customer information with encryption and server security equivalent to that of major banks. The dedicated server is hosted directly by 1Form, with administrative access restricted to only a small number of approved employees. A username and password is required to authenticate all users and security measures are in place to verify all password changes.
For more information, please see our Privacy Policy or contact us for further information on website security.
What happened to the 1form branded application cards?
1form have discontinued the offering of the branded application cards service, which allowed customers to order and print 1form business cards with an inspection code.

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